Thursday, August 11, 2005

military blunders

The news today just comes with its own theme. I trust that if you live in the Philadelphia area, you've already read about the three local soldiers killed in Iraq. One was a Philadelphia policeman with a boxing career ahead of him who had already fufilled his six years in the National Guard. Damned war.

Also, Pennsylvanians have likely heard that Willow Grove is among the bases to be closed. Well, Gov. Rendell won't have any of that. He's filed suit against the federal government arguing that closing Air National Guard bases is up to state governors. You can read more in this New York Times article: States Opposing Plan to Shutter Air Guard Bases.

Recently, a four-star general was relieved of command for having sex with a civilian woman. This is the first time in recent history that a four-star general has been relieved of command. Oh, and he's divorced. The Washington Post has more details in an editorial today, An Army Affair. They can't believe a four-star general has gotten sacked over consensual sex with a civilian adult while the comissioned officers overseeing unthinkable attrocities at Abu Ghraib and other places have gotten away virtually scot-free.

I can't believe we're still sacking any soldier or officer for consensual sex with an adult civilian. We make them fight in wars with questionable reasons for little pay in godforsaken corners of the globe with insufficient equipment and training — and they're not allowed to have a little sex outside of marriage? C'mon, now. Let's get real, everybody. A little less yellow-ribbon bumper stickers; a little more understanding for our men and women in combat.


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