Tuesday, September 13, 2005

a good day for wapo

There's a tought-provoking opinion piece arguing that most of New Orleans will not be rebuilt: A Sad Truth: Cities Aren't Forever. What do you think? Should we pour billions into rebuilding this city whose best days are likely gone?

In case you haven't heard yet, Michael Brown has resigned from his position as director of FEMA. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now, for your enjoyment is an editorial by a conservative newspaper lambasting Mr. Brown for obvious reasons and President Bush and Congress for giving him the job. Goodbye, 'Brownie'.

Interestingly enough, Jimmy Carter wrote an opinion piece for the Post about drilling in ANWR: Artic Folly. And just in case, the editors of the Post would like to remind you that "Former President Carter is the founder of the Carter Center in Atlanta." Yeah, that Jimmy Carter.

An now it's time for the big finish: Bush's Approval Rating Drops To New Low in Wake of Storm: He Says Race Didn't Affect Efforts; Blacks in Poll Disagree. Tada!

Edit: Holy Crap! Bush Takes Responsibility for Katrina Failures


Blogger RED said...

President Carter provides many services to the Nation including a reminder that if we stuck by the conservation efforts put forward during his Presidency, then took a real look at future energy needs the Nation we'd advance beyond the shortsighted effects of ANWR abuse and move toward building a sustainable future. We've far better uses for oil than powering SUV+ and better get on with making them real.

14/9/05 13:28  
Blogger RED said...

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14/9/05 13:30  

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