Monday, September 26, 2005

back in session

I'm finally a student again. After waiting to speak with a billing representative for over a half hour, the hold was taken off my account. I then immediately registered for my classes.

MATH 331, Abstract Algebra I
MATH 401, Modern Analysis I
MATH 480, Math Competition Seminar
MATH 300, Numerical Analysis
CS 281, Systems Architecture I
PSCI 360, Constitution and Judicial Procedure

Looks great, huh? And only 19 credits.

So far today, I've had Numerical Analysis and Abstract Algebra. Both professors have been recently hired by the math department. Both seem cool.

In a few minutes, I'm going to meet with the head of the math department, Dr. Woerdeman, about the math competition seminar. It's just one credit, and I'm a sucker for competition. Too bad I'm going to get my butt whooped on the Putnam.

It's going to be about two weeks till I have internet access at my place, so updates may be scarce. Things are going pretty well, though.


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