Tuesday, October 11, 2005

slaying the dragon of bad originalism

Hooey; or, Why Paper Money Is Unconstitutional is a good yet simple refutation of originalism, the constitutional philosophy of the likes of Justice Scalia and Judge Bork.

The title of this post is taken from a book by Harry Jaffa that was cited in my textbook for PSCI 360, The Constitution and Judicial Process. I finished my paper for this week around 10 a.m., five pages on why Scalia is wrong regarding the application of natural law. If anybody asks for it, I'll post it, but otherwise, I won't. I think jurisprudence is fascinating, but I guess others don't.

Does anyone care that an unqualified crony is on her way to getting Justice O'Connor's seat on the highest court in the land?


Blogger Kayla said...

I do care very much so that a very unqualified woman is making her way into the Supreme Court. I think it's interesting to know that among her other few offices held, she was the Lottery Commissioner of Texas, it seems sort of like the guy that was the head of FEMA, who was the President of some horse club... :)

12/10/05 19:08  

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