Sunday, November 06, 2005

good weekend

Today I finished up a great weekend with Kayla. She came in Friday night, and we went to Drexel's Sixth Annual Fall Comedy Show. Surprisingly, it blew like gale-force winds (If you ever hear the name Jamie Kennedy &mdash run!), but that didn't hamper our mood.

Saturday afternoon, we walked down to Penn's campus to see a movie. First, we had lunch at Qdoba, or as I like to call it, the Mexican Subway. The steak burrito was filling, and the three-cheese nachos were fun, even without guacamole.

Next, we saw Jarhead. We both liked it. The best film critic of The Triangle, however, did not. Ian Pugh, whose opinion I respect, found the film lacking direction and took issue with the lack of narrative ('Jarhead' marginalizes source material, has little direction). His points are mainly valid, but I still enjoyed the film. I thought that its structure of a series of vignettes added to the telling of the young man's story; indeed, I can't imagine it being told any other way. Ian gave it two out of five triangles; I give it four. I recommend it, and if Kayla liked it, too, it can't be all bad.

After the movie, we went to Ben & Jerry's. She ordered Chocolate Therapy, which was so chocolatey, even she couldn't finish it. I had a cone of It's Crunch Time, a delicious flavor I hadn't had before.

We then trekked back to my place for some Halo. We completed the second level together, because it heavily uses the Warthog. Kayla likes the teamwork that it engenders, and I like Kayla.

This afternoon, while waiting for her train at 30th St. Station, we played a little game. We used her laptop to write a story, alternating writing a sentence at a time. The result can be viewed at, and we hope to continue it. In case you can't tell, I started with the first sentence.


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