Wednesday, October 19, 2005

kangaroo court

The following is from Hussein Goes on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity, an article in today's Times:

Few legal organizations outside of Iraq and the United States accept the trial as anything more than a display of "victor's justice." Both Human Rights Watch and the International Center for Transitional Justice, respected groups based in New York, issued statements this month condemning the shoddy research and shaky legal framework that form the backbone of the trial, apparently pieced together for expediency's sake.

Mr. Hussein is being denied effective counsel. For example, there is "an order preventing his lawyers from bringing pens and paper into the courtroom" Ibid. He is also being tried under an ex post facto law. For a discussion of some of the due process violations, see the Saddam Hussein Trial Blog.

Mr. Hussein is not getting a fair trial. Consequently, the Iraqi people and the rest of the world are not getting justice.


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