Thursday, June 16, 2005


Boy, was my commute home today fun. Just before my train reached Center City, it stopped. The lights dimmed, and the train coasted eerily to a stop. Then, it sat there. It sat there just a mile or two from my place.

When finally it resumed, it slowly took us into the Market East station, to the platform's edge. There was another train stopped ahead of us. For the first time, a SEPTA employee explained that the power was out, so it'd be best that we all just get out at this station and maybe catch the subway.

I tried to make the best of the situation. The Gallery at Market East is a huge mall, so I spent some time there. I bought some cool new shades (after someone broke my glasses with the nifty transition lenses). I also grabbed a bite to eat. The bar there had a special for a cheesesteak, fries and cole slaw for just $4.95. Not only that, but it was actually a very nice place to dine: There were TVs everywhere, everyone was in a good mood, no kids bouncing around, and excellent service.

After dinner, I made my way to the subway, to where the problems of the regional rails had come. Just standing there waiting for the next train, the platform was packed with disgruntled passengers in the rank, humid underground station. And the situation did not improve once stuck in a subway car with all those people. Everyone was up against everyone else, unintentionally slapping and shoving each other.

Then we came to the 15th St. stop where even more people came aboard, probably many from Suburban Station. That was the third time the tall guy next to me bopped me on the head with his elbow. I was overjoyed by the time I made my escape at my stop. I ran up the stairs out of the station and then reveled a moment in the fresh, open air.

How the heck do you just lose power to the entire SEPTA regional rail system? Did they misplace the power? Or did someone just forget the electric bill?

My money's on a squirrel.


Anonymous r0x0r said...

Squirrels will be the death of socitey.

17/6/05 11:21  

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